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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Department of Methodology of Professor Rolando Toro Araneda

L ' Department of Methodology is constituted by a group of four teachers Biodanza: Claudete Sant'Anna, Eliane Matuk, Marcelo Mur and Nadia Costa that, for many years, have worked alongside Rolando Toro Araneda, executing its instructions in 'theoretical-methodological context of the System Biodanza.

AssociationRolando Toro appointed Eliane Matuk His "Councillor methodology"In 1986, year in which he began to dictate the 'Official List of the Exercises of Biodanza, with their music and deliveries.
Chose the term "alderman" for its etymology, "the one who sits on the side", in the sense of "adjuvant" and attributed the following functions:

  • Organize and preserve his texts on the theory and methodology of Biodanza.
  • Arrange the official translations of the same.


The texts Officers Rolando Toro Araneda

libro_biodanzalibro_minotauroEliane Matuk organized the original texts of the author, translated into Portuguese his book "Minotaur Project», published in Brazil in the year 1988, by the publisher Vozes, Italian and in his book "Biodanza», published in Italy in 2000, for the first time in the world, by the publisher Red.
From this moment, Biodanza book is the biography of a basis for future teachers of Biodanza. This book was later translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Appointment and functions of Aldermen

In 1999, faced with the decision of Rolando Toro to return to live in Chile, Eliane Matuk him of the need to expand the Department of Methodology through the introduction of some councilors in most.
He accepted the suggestion and gave it the function of appointing new members. Therefore she proposed three other employees. At first they were Marcelo Mur and Claudete Sant'Anna. A few years later, he added Nadia Costa.

Criteria to appoint new councilors

  • The passion for the study of theory and methodology of Biodanza;
  • A clear understanding of biocentric mission of Biodanza;
  • The attitude of continuous search for a rigorous systemic coherence;
  • The attitude of permanent research and tireless ethical conscience.

In the same year Rolando Toro has expanded the functions of 'Department of Methodology assigning two other tasks in addition to those already assigned previously to Eliane Matuk.

Defining Functions dell'Assessorato

  • Organize and store its texts on the theory and methodology of Biodanza;
  • Arrange the official translations of the same;
  • Answer questions and Addressing the concerns of teachers of Biodanza and school directors concerning the theory and methodology of Biodanza;
  • Protect the systemic coherence that is the orthodoxy of Biodanza System.


The work dell'Assessorato

Among the main works carried out by this Department, as well as the activity continues to answer questions and clarify doubts about the theoretical and methodological aspects:

  • Organisation of texts about the author methodology of Biodanza, even l 'Official List of Exercises, Returns and Music, in order to expand the number of sets of methodology for the training course, which in the past were only two, one of which was to Musical Semantics.
  • The organization of the catalog of music selected by Rolando Toro give to establish the suitability of criteria.
  • Development of the Work on the Net Teachers and Tutors created and experienced by Eliane Matuk under supervision of Rolando Toro, system adopted by various schools of Biodanza in Europe.
  • Organization and integration of updates made by Rolando Toro al suo Regulatory Guidance for Schools of Biodanza.
  • Preliminary evaluation of proposals for extensions of Biodanza to be examined by the Rolando Toro and supervision of the respective programs, once they had been approved by him.


Official List of Exercises, Returns and Music of Biodanza

L 'Official List of Exercises, Returns and Music must be however concluded. Missing the last transcribe texts dictated by the author, related to those exercises that, up to this moment, were only appointed. Missing also include several music selected by the author. For members dell'Assessorato these tasks represent the priority at the moment and will be the first to be made.

Inspired by the action and the results of 'Department of Methodology, Rolando Toro decided to create the 'International Biocentric Foundation.
With the technical collaboration Armando Montanari, made a first draft and then, year 2003, with the support of specialized Joseph Sciberras, legally formalized the IBF.

Scientific and intellectual heritage of Rolando Toro Araneda

Written instructions from the Rolando Toro intellectual and directed in his will to his Department of Methodology

In his will, intellectual, Rolando Toro Araneda specify the goal and expanded the functions of 'Department of Methodology, transferring to the latter the tasks, during his lifetime, were carried out by him, appointing permanent lines Claudete Sant'Anna and Eliane Matuk.

The purpose and functions of the Department Methodology through the words of Rolando Toro

Taken from the intellectual legacy Rolando Toro:

"The Department of Methodology has as objective to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the Biodanza system so that it can continue to humanity's future.
The functions of the Department Methodology in my life are the ones that have been carried out exclusively by me: Protection of the correct application of Biodanza in the respective areas, in private and institutional.
The functions dell'Assessorato also include any improvements in the program of Biodanza, the publication of my texts on theoretical and methodological Biodanza, approval or rejection of proposals in relation to extensions of Biodanza, supervision of programs extensions.
Any future improvements that may contribute to the evolution of the Biodanza System, intake of new music, evaluation and possible inclusion of new exercises will be sole responsibility of the Department Methodology.
To decide on these tasks, the Department will have to count with the unanimous consent of its members. "

Between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, were born the Cooperative Scuolatoro e L’International Association of Professional Operators of Biodanza, who have embraced the information provided by the inventor of the system in its intellectual legacy.

Their main professional goal is to safeguard the theoretical and methodological principles of Biodanza, referring to 'Department of Methodology created by Rolando Toro Araneda.