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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Biodanza Parco Nord Milano edition 2017

Sunday 7 May
Biodanza family to Milan's Parco Nord

Within the project CascinAperta, which proposes a number of initiatives on Sundays from April to June in Cascina located in the center of Parco Nord Milano, Sunday 7 It may is dedicated to families.

Among the activities planned, in the morning there will be a rush of families, More organized by the Sixth and the possibility of a picnic on the lawn of the farmhouse (but there is also a bar and restaurant!).

Starting at 15.30 Scuolatoro organizes “MUSIC and MOVEMENT IN FAMILY”, an afternoon of fun and pampering dedicated to children and their families.

Download the flyer

BIODANZA PARK NORD MILANThe Biodanza It is a human integration system that acts on the level of affective reeducation.

It's about a pedagogical proposal, conceived by Rolando Toro Araneda, which serves reeducation to live, a relate positively with others, ad express themselves in mutual respect.

It consists of a set of individual exercises, torque and group, with music, based on natural movements for human beings who are be proposed to people of all ages.

Biodanza to children primarily intended to educate the sociability and affectivity, but also to develop in each child's creativity and self-esteem.

Biodanza in the family is an invitation to parents to share everyday joyful and emotional moments with their children.


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