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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

03 June 2018 – Biodanza: Vivencia Oceanica to Saini

AIPOB – International Association of Professional Operators System Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


At the Center Saini


3 June 2018 : Vivencia OCEANICA to SAINI

Flyer English Version

Flyer English Version

Flyer Spanish version

Flyer Spanish version

Praise for slowness It is the theme of oceanica experience that AIPOB organizes at Saini Sports Center in Milan Sunday 3 June.

The invitation is for all, both those who already know Biodanza and practice and those who intend to experience it for the first time; all, young and old, are invited to experience the experience, the experience that harmonizes and makes us feel good about ourselves and with others, especially when the experience It focuses on the experience of time: we will have the opportunity to hear the different size assumes that the time, the multiple nuances that time allows us to experience, slow down, feel, to listen, enjoy our time.

Discover or rediscover the time is not only hectic where we often find ourselves wrapped, that time may be more, a more connected time with feeling and slow down to hear.

One of the most important new features of this year's program covers a Special program for children, for them our reserves Association, indeed, a space specially coordinated by ColorArte in the afternoon, where learning fun while parents participate in the oceanica experience.

The experience It will be led by Rodrigo Toro Sanchez, President of BRT Biodanza Rolando Toro, director of BRT School in Madrid, and Viviana Luz Toro, co-director of Scuolatoro Milan; the other members of the board AIPOB contribute to the conduction of vivencia.

The proposal oceanica experience is the commitment of AIPOB expression for the diffusion of the original Biodance, the Biodanza system as well as created and developed its founder, the Professor Rolando Toro Araneda; at the same time is one of the activities that the Association organizes for its members with the aim of offering them moments meeting and exchange vivenciale.

As for the Biodanza system as a whole, the initiator of the oceanica experience He was the founder, that for a long time, at least annually, He has led facilitating experience hundreds of participants.

AIPOB He is delighted and honored to continue this tradition and calls everyone to participate to experience a feel-good time and pleasure to be with others.

Silvia Signorelli, President AIPOB

Street address:

Centro Sportivo Saini

Via Corelli, 136 – 20134 Milan

See map


  • meeting at 10.30 and records
  • Welcome to AIPOB
  • Vivencia am from 11.30 all 13.30
  • Picnic lunch on the garden until 15.30
  • Vivencia the afternoon from 15.30 all 17.30

During vivencia pm, Children can take part in entertainment activities specially designed for them and organized by ColorArte Artistic Workshop, specialized professionals in charge of AIPOB, free participation.

The Vivencia and Oceanica 'aimed at adult participants of all ages.

For participation and "request a free offer as a contribution to organizational expenses (Free participation for the over 65)

For information and registration please email:

The entertainment activities for children are organized by:

Artistic laboratory
Via A. Savino, 2/B 20091 Bresso MILAN
Phone 348 9849208

Download the flyer here with the full program


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