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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


Map-schools-biodanceScuolatoro – Unipib is a research institution, training

and disclosure of biocentric paradigm of methodological and theoretical heritage of the System Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda.

A central part of the mission of the Popular International Biocentric Scuolatoro is also to protect the theoretical principles and the methodological criteria underlying the Biodanza system as originally defined and set by the inventor. In the last years of his life scientist Rolando Toro Araneda fact noted with great concern the inclusion in the Biodanza System, by many training schools, of exercises and music do not match the criteria proposed by him from its studies. For this reason it has established the Department of Methodology, which aims to protect the integrity and authenticity of the Biodanza system so that it can last for the future of humanity.

Scuolatoro – Unipib is a member Chnufi, National Confederation of Popular Italian Universities which:

  • It has legal personality recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research;
  • It is a member of Anagrafe Research Institutions;
  • Which is accredited Training Organization under D.M. 177/2001.

Scuolatoro – Unipib promotes the paradigm Biocentric, a model of sustainable development in socio-cultural level, scientific and economic development that puts life at the center of all interest, as an important evolutionary factor. Rolando Toro has proposed this paradigm as a possible reference for the future development of cultural values ​​pro-life to support a healthy society, solidaristica, cooperative and peaceful.

Biocentric The concept refers to the need to safeguard the basic conditions of life such as load-bearing foundations of the integrated development of human potential. They reside in the archaic functions of connection with the biological impulses of affective and visceral matrix, related to evolutionary processes that shape the individual's emotional and psycho-somatic architecture. The familiar relational context is required to adequately respond to the developmental needs of the child but, in its influence vulnerability and cultural conditioning, often inconsistent with the child's needs and the family itself, It imposes a high burden in terms of inconvenience and social ills at all levels.

The Model School was founded by Rolando Toro in person with Eliane Matuk a Milan. Subsequently, when he moved to his homeland, Chile, was opened the second unit with Claudete Sant'Anna a Santiago, then transferred to Belo Horizonte, in Brazil.

With the word “Mock upRolando Toro wanted to refer to the school which he founded and where he himself was the only teacher during several cycles of training. This definition refers to the teaching of the system according Biodance Original Method of its creator, in accordance with its wishes expressed in intellectual legacy.

Scuolatoro – Unipib is therefore a guarantee of a high standard of teaching, ensures’effectiveness of the method and is committed to safeguarding consistency of System Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda (Miss).

In pursuing its mission of safeguarding Method and Theory of Biodanza, according to its systemic coherence, Scuolatoro – Unipib is a guarantee of a high standard of teaching act to ensure the effectiveness of the same method.