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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Biodanza: a social pedagogy to rescue the beauty of life

"Respect is a right for all. Biodanza: a social pedagogy to rescue the beauty of life. "

The 28 April 2016, House of Rights, Milan was held the conference Respect is a right for all. Biodanza: a social pedagogy to rescue the beauty of life.

As the subtitle of this event was wanted to reflect on the Biodanza system and its various applications in institutional and schools. Click here to see the program

After the greetings of the authorities, Salvatore Mirante he has introduced the theme describing the correlation between Right to respect, the House of Rights, the Constitution and the experience of emotions in Biodanza. Click here to view the slides presented.

Simona Torres and Eliane Matuk They bring the experience of BIODANZA within the Community Psicoergoterapica 'La Costa' Cooperativa Sociale Como Arca located in Fino Mornasco and began in October 2011 for women (including some mothers with their children) with issues addiction including those from psychoactive substances and / or alcohol.

Respect for self and others is critical to the growth path necessary for reintegration into normal social context. The Community's activities is scanned in five phases and in the second space located parallel to the intervention of Biodanza group psychotherapies, individual, family and the occupational activities in community. Click here to see the slides presented


Marcelo Mur after recalling the various forms assumed by the compared against each other and of individual differences, It explains how the Biodanza acting on the development of human potential and how an educational program to learn to live and to live through the development of essential skills for people living with mental distress and with disability motor with attention to their proper relations with others and the world around them. Click here to view: slide 1: introductionslide 2: mental distressslide 3: disability.


Marilena Boffo talks about his long and varied experience with different forms of fragility. He always had in mind to find an answer to the question : “as you can favor the blossoming of joy in contexts where the fragility is expressed with more evidence?”. All experiences show that you told us about a real pedagogical support Community consists of human presence, not necessarily professional, able to listen, Human closeness and solidarity, in which the different forms of fragility can find the hope of being accepted. With this approach Borgna defines an 'ethical commitment'. Click here to read the report


Mariella Bellanova reminds us that the valuable contribution of the Biodanza System, which has its roots in the Paradigm Biocentric, is that of redeem the original basis of life, or to restore archaic nuclei of emotional bond, the supporting foundations of our emotional system, the "place" where is rooted ethical conscience as an expression of deep connection with life, which naturally leads us to assume a relational behavior face to protect it in all its forms and expressions. In his view this is the most urgent mission of our time, a challenge that concerns first of all the operators Biodance first called to make their lives in order to put a solid foundation for the inauguration of a new civilization. Click here to read the report.


Carla Toffanello It exposes the theoretical and methodological foundations reasons that directed the intervention of training for social workers of the Municipality of Milan which involved around 100 operators.

It points out that with this intervention of the operators suffered Biodanza: l'empathy, il feed-back, ethics to accompany, respect, Recognition and respect for the group, the reinforcement of its role in the group, self-esteem and determination. These occasions have thus reinforced the ability to carefully follow the other intended as a colleague and as a user. Click here to read the report.

Donatella Cloths He reminds us of the thought of the inventor of Biodanza on the fundamental theme of education for which it is proposing "a new way of thinking about education, in which, without abandoning the traditional teaching cognitive components, Programs are oriented towards a methodology that integrates the body and mind, intelligence and affectivity, learning and the joy of living. "

Introduce, then, relations to follow on actions that took place in Milan schools through the project

"Biodanza: laboratory movement and music " implemented in school year 2013-2014 by the City of Milan as part of the "Educational Initiatives", aimed at children and young people in preschools, Primary and secondary schools. Click here to read the report.


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