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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


” The design of human destiny is generated during childhood, in anticipation of all the internal conditions of connection with life.

For this reason, the vivencia experienced during childhood leave an indelible mark in the development of affectivity and creativity "

Rolando Toro Araneda

The Rolando Toro on the occasion of his last trip to Italy, in particular, the last module of the Postgraduate Education Biocentric in Milan 's1 November 2009 inaugurated the Education Center Biocentric Milan entrusted to the operators of Biodanza Carla Toffanello, Donatella Cloths and Miriam Gombri, and initiated the Sicily, entrusted to operators Anna Maria Ciccia, David Russo and Tania Mangiaratti.


The objectives of the Education Centres Biocentric

educazione-biocentricThe Education Centre is a project of Biocentric Rolando Toro who was very keen to’ Biocentric Education and its applications with children and schools.

As Biodanza is the main instrument for the realization of the principles of 'Biocentric Education, whose educational action against children, adolescents, of young people and adults, it is a hope for the future of humanity.

The primary objective is therefore to Biodanza bring in the schools of every grade to allow the development and healthy growth of identity in an environment that allows the expression of all potential human.

Encourage, then, the creation of a school environment that takes into account the whole student, including the emotional, its expressiveness and its way of relating, that works to the formation of a person's complete and integrated.

Among the objectives of the work of Education Center Biocentric c’è, in addition to working with children, also work with adolescents, with young people, with teachers and parents.

"Biodanza gives teenagers a chance to be themselves and educates them to enjoy the intellectual pleasure, poetic ecstasy and fertility creative ".

Rolando Toro

Regarding the youth Rolando Toro said:

"Never before have young people feel deceived, instrumentalized, desperate for their unlived life. Exasperated, are given to violence, all the drugging, to escape to false identities and the total disintegration. They choose violence to defend themselves from the system ".

You have to understand, communicate with them, not with the tools of a culture now worn out and they do not believe, but from the perspective of a different culture: culture dell'amore.

According to Rolando Toro the Biodanza in the school has a preventive effect of extreme importance, indeed:

Education-biocentric-kids-ronda"It's a great social need that the child, in particular, developments in certain attitudes in front of himself and others, so that reaching adolescence not risk losing the ability to connect with the life. In this way not to fall into the danger of violence at school (Bullying), in drugs or crime ".

Specific objectives of the work with Biodanza in school:

  • Promote a culture of life and joy
  • Develop deep listening to self and others
  • Integrate the intelligence of the mind with that of the heart
  • Realizing the man ecological, Man relational, cosmic man
  • Opening up to a social and environmental dimension
  • Connect with life and with the real sources of nourishment for our lives
  • Realize that life is "at the heart" in compliance with Principle biocentric
  • Integrating all the split parts from cultural dichotomies (heart / mind, corpo/anima, natura/cultura, interior / exterior, subjective / objective, male / female), in a unitary perspective that you could gather in the expression of unity paradigm “all is one”
  • Reinforce the identity and discover the uniqueness and originality of every human being
  • Exit the judgment
  • Learn how to build knowledge
  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Living consciously, moment by moment, in the "here and now" (the experience)
  • Tune in to deep with ourselves, with the other, with l'environment
  • Achieve changes in physiological (cell turnover, activation of the immune system, omeostasi, release of endorphins, etc..) and existentially (lifestyle)
  • Liberation of aggression (from the Latin "adgredior"= Go to) and its use in the process of self-knowledge and growth
  • Transfer the game and the happiness of the great moments of free time to all the moments of life