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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Education Center Biocentric Milan

Il 1 'novembre 2009, on the occasion of his last trip to Italy, and in particular at the end of 4 'module of the course in " Biocentric Education "He kept, the Rolando Toro inaugurated the Education Center Biocentric Milan.

center-educazione-biocenrica-milanoIt was a ceremony, simple which was attended by Eliane Matuk, Director of Scuolatoro and consultant to the Center, participants in the training course and several friends and relatives. We were honored and touched to receive from Roland mandate to help spread the principles of ' Biocentric Education, and of course we are even more today after what happened, aware that the educational action proposed by Rolando against children and adolescents is a hope for the future of humanity. Indeed, among the priorities of Roland in recent times, There was just the expansion of its "New pedagogy", which has as its fundamental objective the connection with the life and development of affectivity.


The goals that we propose with the Education Center Biocentric Milan are the following:

  • Sort out, for teachers of Biodanza, the specialization course in "Biodanza for Children and Adolescents", ensure that the principles of 'Education Biocentric can be known and applied in educational institutions.
  • Promote coordination and collaboration among teachers of Biodanza who work in education.
  • Promoting exhibitions and projects paths Biodanza with children and adolescents.
  • Participate, with its proposals, initiatives in line with the principles promoted by Biocentric Education Institutions, Associations, Public and private institutions.