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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Education Center Biocentric of Sicily

Created by Rolando Toro at the last module of the Postgraduate Biocentric Education Milano's November 1 2009, has been entrusted to Anna Maria Ciccia, that should have identified two teachers at the School of Sicily to work together. The other two teachers of the Centre are David Russo, operator of Biodanza and psychologist and Tania Mangiaratti, operator of Biodanza.

Anna CicciaIt is part of the objectives of Education Center Biocentric of Sicily cultivate the creative power and the development of human beings full of enthusiasm and happy. Education, must not be understood as an effort to acquire what is missing, but it must be in itself a significant moment from the point of view existential, a happy experience here and now, not only in anticipation of a future outcome and schools should be great places to live and learn with joy.

Another objective of the Centre is work on identity, self-image, self-esteem. With the help of music and movement, activate the core identity: the poignant feeling of being alive. From this feeling actualize the basics on the body and its perception as a source of pleasure. This causes the self-esteem rises and as a direct consequence improves the self-image, thing which will help not to fall into traps aesthetic. Education Biocentric tip ourselves on being more than ever: respected, valued, loved and accepted.

Another objective is cooperation: is not prevarication of the fittest that allows us to survive and thrive. The concept of evolution is based on cooperation, the community and the chorus of a group.

The experiments carried out by the Centre

  • Biocentric Conference on Education at the Centre and in the Schools of Biodanza
  • Conference on Cultural Associations
  • Refresher Courses for Teachers of Elementary Schools, Middle and High Schools
  • Biodanza for children of primary school in the public schools and some private schools
  • Biodanza for Boys Middle School
  • Biodanza for young people to higher education institutes
  • Biodanza with parents of pupils in primary and secondary schools
  • Biodanza at schools districts at risk

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