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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


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Date(s) - 04/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
9:30 - 18:00



Specialization Courses in Areas of Application and Extensions of Biodanza 2019

The following course is for Biodanza Titled Operators.

The trainees students of Biodanza Training Schools can register only with the consent of the director / directors of the respective school


By Carla Braglia c / o Farmhouse Chignoletti - Palazzago (BG)

At a time when our lives become increasingly depersonalized, in contact with inanimate objects (cars, computer), virtual contacts, etc.. there is a man's part that requires our connection with nature and the sacred to free themselves from habits that dissociate from life.

Creativity, courage, responsibility, expansion of consciousness, istintivita, are qualities that allow us men and women of the third millennium to restore harmony to the world.

The dance will accompany us in our inner journey of metamorphosis: "We die" symbolically reborn more aware, our "totem animal" will guide us in our spiritual growth, white mask will make us forget the ego to enter the All, the painted mask on his face transmute the identity to enter the Dionysian dance, the drum ricontatterà us with the universal rhythm , fire will illuminate our deepest aspects, the emotional touch will heal our wounds.

The balance between the "inside" and "outside", between us and the universe will open the doors for "MAGIC FLIGHT"


Friday morning: Bond with nature and nature spirits collection bag for medicine

Friday afternoon: Kaos dance - dance Sufi

Friday night: Apprenticeship with the drum - Dance of the Shaman - Animal Power


Saturday morning: Dance Isis and Osiris and Biogeneratore

Saturday afternoon: Painting on the face (transmutation identity) and dance Dionysian

Saturday evening: Fire ceremony -- face lighting with candles


Sunday morning: Totem ancestors - Baptism of Light

Sunday afternoon: Singing and blow on the body -Search vision and shamanic flight. (Aquila)

COST : Euro 280,00 – 250,00 for registration by 30 August 2019

*If someone has special dietary intolerances please make this known in advance.

*This extension and includes the music and the original pantry Rolando Toro from me translated from Spanish into Italian.

Material to bring: Jars yoghurt to put white clay - cleansing wipes for face (lead also face cream) - a mirror for each long white candle -a - purse-medicine bag confezionarsi yourself at home (10-15 cm.), sheets of paper and pen.

For info and bookings: Email - Phone: 393 02.55.387


Chignoletti farmhouse is an old well restored farmhouse surrounded by woods hills of Bergamo.

The training courses will engage us several hours, but it will not prevent us to enjoy moments of relaxation. Between one and the other vivencia we take walks in the woods, walking barefoot on the grass, lie down in the sun, pampered house cats, jump into the pool ... watch the stars, let yourself be enchanted by sunrise, listen to the forest singing and admire the dance.

We will have a cook who will cook for us vegetarian / vegan and some products come straight from home. If the days permit we can eat outside on the wood roof.

The farm is also equipped to accommodate for sleeping, It has a range of rooms with double beds. The bathrooms are in common. And 'necessary to bring sleeping bag or bed linen and towels.

Getting there on the farm


Stage euro 280,00 – 250,00 for registration by 30 August 2019

Room and board

Euro 80/90

From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch

Cost is determined by the number of participants, the more we are less we pay. Min.10 / max15


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