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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Participation of Scuolatoro UNIPIB Agora Penitentiary 2019 “The Prison's Territory” – XX National Congress SIMSPe–NPO

The congress was held in Milan, in days 3-4 recent past, at the Palazzo Lombardia.

Yesterday, the 4 October, Dr. Laura Mannarini (medical director of Prison Health SSD) It presented a report on the project “L’ Empowerment in prison facilities”, you propose, which includes the Biodanza as a basic pedagogical tool, in the field of bio-psycho-social.

It was his eagerness to grant us a space for participation in the context of his speech.

The project “Empowerment” It has developed in the Juvenile Prison Beccaria from July 2017 in June 2019; the Prison of Mantua in 2019 and it is still in progress for the 2019-2020 alla REMS (Residence for the Implementation of Safety Measures) of Castiglione,.

All three experiences have been implemented by’ team Tiziana Brambilla (operator of Biodanza), under the coordination of Dr. Laura Mannarini, that thank you very much.

"After the first article and the information already submitted on this website, on the participation of Scuolatoro Unipib at the conference "The Prison's Territory", A new article has been published with the assistance of Dr. Laura Mannarini and Eliane Matuk reported to Congress, on the website of DBN, of which you can view by clicking on the link

Happy reading!

Tiziana Brambilla "


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