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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


A set of art, Science and love.

Rolando Toro Araneda developed the ideas that led him to create the Biodanza, in the years following the Second World War.

In her personal experience many forces have arisen in him to lead eventually to the creation of this "Art Set, Science and love”.

He felt "the possibility of pure contact with the living reality through the movement, i a e l’expression of feelings. The music was the universal language, the only one that everyone could understand in the Tower of Babel in the world; Dance was the way ideal supplement for body and soul, and could communicate to all participants happiness, tenderness and strength. And I wanted to share all of this with a large number of people ".

He proposed the initiative to form small groups to dance, sing and meet. And so began Biodanza, “a way to live with the beauty”.

The Theoretical Model

model-theoretical rolando- bullThe research carried out in the context of psychiatric patients with the disease have allowed him to structure a theoretical model which made it possible to operate within a wide range of organic responses and behaviors new from musical stimuli, emotional and motor, within a protected environment, the group.

"I have found that during the dances appeared universal patterns of expression in relation to different emotions. So I could give a structure to my work / system in which he was creating music, movement and emotion formed a perfect unity ".

At that time worked at the Center for Studies in Medical Anthropology at the School of Medicine, University of Chile, directed by Francisco Hoffman.

"Our concern was to try different development techniques in order to 'humanize medicine': group psychotherapy according to the line of Carl Rogers, art therapy (painting, theater), Music Therapy, dance therapy and psychodrama. "

Within this research project has proposed meetings dance with the patients interned in the psychiatric hospital of the University.

The origin of the name Biodanza

In 1970, he was asked to create a chair of Psicodanza, first name which he had given to his system, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, dove era Professor of Psychology Expression. About the name stated that "He was born a discipline with novel features, for which there was no appropriate term ". He was employed at first the concept of Psicodanza, but later he found that it was not an interdisciplinary approach that would a priori bound on the dance psychological content, anthropological or philosophical. In addition to, the term Psicodanza had the serious defect can result in a split between body and soul. The prefix 'psycho' derives from the greek psychè, which means soul, Psicodanza then it would be the 'dance of the soul'. It was necessary instead "Restore the original concept of dance in its broadest sense: as a change in life, which could not, however, be assimilated either to the ballet or to another form of structured dance, as well as to a particular form of psychotherapy ".

From this reflection, in 1976, Biodanza Rolando Toro decided to call the system that had created: "The prefix 'bio' comes from the greek bios, which means 'life'. The primary meaning of the word 'dance' is 'natural movement', connected to emotion and full of meaning.
The metaphorical element formulated:

“Biodanza, the dance of life”



Rolando Toro Araneda we defined the loved Biodanzaa poetry of human encounter"But considered it essential also to define an academic point of view.

Academic definition of Biodanza

“Biodanza is a system of human integration, of organic renewal, rehabilitation and emotional relearning of the original functions of life. The development of human genetic potential in a group setting affectively integrated stimulates the courage and the joy of living”.

R. Bull, “Biodanza“, Red Editions, Milan, 2002.

Last updated definition

Rolando Toro Araneda has brought the latest update to the definition of Biodanza in the year 2009, before leaving the following year, a febbraio.

“Biodanza is a system of acceleration of the integration processes at the cellular level, immune, metabolic, neuro-endocrino, through the cortical and existential experience enriched environment induced by music, dance, from contact, by the caress and the presence of the group”.

The experience as a method

To understand the definition of Biodanza is necessary to know the concept of experience, which is the basis of his methodology.

Biodanza proposes a description of the experience Personal, as inner experiences, without analysis or interpretation of psychological.