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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda


In this section you can download the Intellectual Testament of Rolando Toro Araneda written in his own hand.
Following is the translation into Italian.

Designation permanent

Eliane e di Matu
Claudete Sant'Anna
in the direction
Department of Methodology.

Milan 25 February 2009.
The Rolando Toro.

As a complement to the fundamental nature

I want to integrate in my will

ARRANGE the following instructions

sull'Assessorato the Methodology:

The Department of Methodology has for objective

maintain the integrity and authenticity

of the Biodanza system so that

This could continue for humanity in the future.

I gave that to Eliane Matuk

during 23 years has been my methodology commissioner the power to

invite co-workers that she

considered suitable to integrate

a 'technical team that could

share the objectives of this Department.

The selection criteria that had

as references were the passion

for the study of my theory and methodology

Biodanza, a strict orthodoxy,

a clear vision of the mission of Biodanza Biocentric

and an attitude of permanent and untiring search of ethical awareness.

The functions of the Department Methodology are those in my life

have been developed exclusively by me: Protection of

correct application of Biodanza in the respective areas, in ambito

private and institutional. In the moment

present the Department of Methodology consists of

Eliane Matuk, Claudete Sant'Anna,

Marcelo Mur, Nadia Costa Robin.

Eliane Matuk may include new members

according to the criteria mentioned above. Will

Members may also exclude

that move away from the purposes mentioned above.

The functions of this Department include

any improvements in the program

Biodanza, publication

of my theoretical and methodological texts of Biodanza,

approval or rejection of proposed Biodanza related

Extensions, supervision of programs extensions.

Any future improvements that can contribute

the evolution of the Biodanza System,

contributions of new music, evaluation and possible

inclusion of new exercises

will be exclusive tasks of the Department of Methodology.

To decide on these tasks, this Department will have to rely

the unanimous consent of its members.

This resolution from me gives me great hope that

the Biodanza System, I created, may one day influence

in a decisive way in the change towards a more humane world.

If the Biodanza system was handed over to the free will of

distinguished directors and teachers would lose its coherence and effectiveness.

Over the past few years I have noted with deep

concern that many of our

include teachers in the Biodanza System,

ideas of other authors,

whose conceptions are fundamentally

different and even contrary to my, also proposing

music that does not meet the criteria for selection of music

I have proposed from laborious studies.

The inclusion of exercises and inappropriate music and the frequent absence

the official list of exercises, decrease

and even cancel out the beneficial effects of Biodanza.

For these reasons I resolve to appoint the teacher Eliane Matuk,

which for me is a guarantee of orthodoxy, and his team

Councillors methodology, great expertise to fulfill, in

Permanently, the functions relating to the alderman Methodology.

Milan, 25 February 2009

The Rolando Toro.

Download the Intellectual Testament in the Original language