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Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda

Viviana Rolando Toro Toro meets his father at World Avenue and Human Rights in Scandicci

Interview with Viviana Toro by Giovanna Lombardi

Saturday 16 March 2019 It was held in the Vingone Park in Scandicci (Florence) the ceremony of dedication of twelve trees dedicated to great personalities who have fought for peace and civil rights. With the tree dedicated to Gandhi and the one dedicated to Martin Luther King, is the holm oak dedicated to 'the creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda.

We interviewed the daughter who was present at the ceremony.

Who came up with the idea of ​​this project and what purpose does?

The project was conceived and proposed by a committee of citizens who wanted to exploit people who were distinguished for peace, Justice, the good and progress of humanity. Among these people there were the director Yuri Barbetta and Rita Milazzo, who knew Rolando Toro Biodanza and make a few 'years, so they wanted to include my father in the project. There are trees dedicated to Nelson Mandela, a Martin Luther King, Rita Levi Montalcini, Rosa Parks and others.

As noted by the mayor of Scandicci, Sandro Fallani, these are people who have gone through very difficult periods of their lives with prison experience or dictatorship - my father, for example, has experienced that Pinochet - but have found the courage to react and find relevant solutions to the problems of their time not only for themselves and for their families, but also for all other.

For now, the place was called World Avenue and Human Rights, but, as it passes through a park, the hope is that later will be called World Park and Human Rights.

Describe the park

Before you describe the park, I want to tell you a thing about the path I've done to get there ... I took the tram from Santa Maria Novella and I found that in and around Florence art and culture, in all their forms, They are valued in every corner of the city: the stop at which I went down it was called De André, Then they went to via Giotto and I finally turned in via Masaccio, which began on the park dedicated to this project.

With regard to trees, architects and botanists have chosen them so that they were linked to the characteristics of the characters or their provenance.

Nelson Mandela, for example, It has red oak reminiscent of the power of his personality, while the Japanese Buddhist philosopher, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, It has an oriental plant, Ginkgo Bilová.

Where is the tree about Rolando Toro and features has?

The tree is an oak because Rolando, I explained, It has the characteristic of being strong and evergreen. It is located in the driveway leading to the Coop supermarket. I find that this position is beautiful because every day when people go to the grocery certainly he passes in front of this tree and can read the sentence that was on purpose or in any way thinking about him.

Which sentence is the tree of Rolando Toro and who chose?

Some sentences have dealt with children of elementary school "XXV Aprile" that have made in-depth workshops before this event. For my father would not be able to choose the most suitable sentence in such a context of what they chose children:

"It is not enough free humanity from its economic misery. It is also necessary to free him from his emotional misery, his creative poverty and his inability to enjoy the pleasure of living ".

Because it is precisely twelve trees?

I explained that this is only the first chapter in a project that will develop in the future throughout the city of Scandicci. The number twelve is the annual cycle that in its repetition becomes the eternal cycle of life and every future piece that will be added to the memory of the city, with other personalities that represent human greatness, It will be repeated in multiples of twelve.

What emotions did you feel during this event?

I was deeply moved, because I was not only a representative of the Biodanza; unlike others who had institutional roles, such as Embassy representative of South Africa for Nelson Mandela, I was also the daughter of the character in question! From the daughter I always saw that Rolando Toro was an exponent of human greatness and probably sees so even those who do Biodanza, but when this value is recognized by 'outside it is even more rewarding and exciting. In addition to, than honors and awards that my father received in life, It takes on a special value his memory fell into a material place like a park, and in the newspaper of those who pass in front of his tree.

So I extend a big thank you to the promoters Committee, the mayor of Scandicci, the person in charge of the Tuscany Region and especially Yuri Barbetta and Rita Milazzo, for the effort they have put in for this purpose.


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  1. My name is Vera, I met biodanza system in December 2018, weekly participate in which a regular group, and I can say that Rolando is a great man we present you with a single system, innovator, band Aid. My life has become every day from when I started attending.
    No words to describe this great man.
    Deserved place in this tree of life. It is innovative his work.

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