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La Biodanza di Rolando Toro Araneda

LIB II – Biodanza, Emergency and Beyond

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Date(s) - 07/06/2020 - 12/07/2020
19:00 - 21:30

Zoom Meeting


LIB is the Biocentric Research Laboratory

Created by Rodrigo Toro and Viviana Toro to promote a collaborative and on-going research community focused on the Biodanza System and on the biocentric research methods.

In the pandemic context research is aimed at exploring the different and creative ways professionals in all over the world are facing the emergency.

The new workshop of the Biocentric Research Laboratory – LIB, Biodanza Emergency and Beyond, aims at looking at the different perspectives, imaginations and practices to face a new step in the pandemic emergency: how to return to Biodanza live encounters while respecting social distancing.

Our responsibility is also to think about the social role of Biodanza in the re-education to proximity in domains such as healthcare and in different areas of social caring.

The specific objectives of LIB II are

• Create an international professional network to share different views and practices with similar objectives
• Investigate the adaptive strategies enacted by the professionals of Biodanza to cope with the COVID – 19 emergency
• Research on the feelings and imaginations for the future of the practitioner of Biodanza from local perspectives
• Take part in a collaboratory path to reinforce the Biocentric paradigm as a research methodology
• Theoretical in depth study on Biodanza System
• Guarantee of the consistency with the Biocentric paradigm by the possibility to use the LOGO LIB


Program of LIB II – Biodanza, Emergency and Beyond

This course will be structured in 4 sessions of theory and research practice.

Session 1: Theoretical introduction and initial questions
Sunday 7th of June 2020 – 7-930 pm

Session 2: Focus on the main themes and problems and creation of research teams
Sunday 14th of June 2020 – 7-930 pm

Session 3: Presentation of the team research
Sunday 5th of July 2020 – 7-930 pm

Session 4: Results and Conclusions
Sunday 12th of July 2020 – 7-930 pm


How to subscribe

LIB II is reserved to Biodanza professionals, at any level, and we’ll accept subscriptions subject to availability.
Price: 85 euro for the 4 complete LIB II – Biodanza Emergency and Beyond sessions payment here online


For any additional questions please send an email to:






Viviana Toro
Rodrigo Toro

More about LIB





  1. I’m a Portuguese facilitator and didactic givin weekly classes of Biodanza during 11 years I’m also a clinical Psicologist and a MBSR Teacher
    I would like to now more about your laboratory and what kind of works are nade. I was going to finish my PhD in cling the Biocentric princípi as a path to promove health

  2. Quero participar, não consegui entender como posso me inscrever?

  3. This is a good initiative, we are from Holland. We are didactic teachers and we continued our classis with virtual dance which brought us a complete new set of awareness towards the tremendous way Biodanza brings us consolation and support even in these times of social distancing.
    Since the IBF has told us not to say this way of dancing is Biodanza we gave it another name, and we only danced with our experienced dancers from our existing groups. So the live stream sessions via Youtube were only availabkle through the link we provided.
    We are happy with your initiative, bus as you can see we are still very busy and are not able to join your project and course. We would appreciate it very much when you keep us informed about the outcome of this trajectory!

    Much love,
    José and Tjeerd
    Leusden, The Netherlands

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